Joint Disease Screening

As pets age, a significant they often develop degenerative joint changes (e.g. arthritis) that will result in stiffness when rising, lameness, difficulty climbing stairs, and a general decrease in exercise tolerance.  If you see these symptoms in your pet you should consider an appointment with Dr. Pusong for an evaluation of your pet and to discuss radiographs (x-rays) to diagnose or rule out degenerative joint disease.
Our evaluation process at Banks Animal Hospital is multi-layered, but typically will include a physical exam:

  • your pet’s temperature
  • your pet’s weight
  • a listen to your pet’s heart and lungs
  • examination of the ears, eyes, and nose
  • examination of the full body for any trauma or wounds
  • thorough exam of all limbs
  • we will observe your pet’s walk, sit and stand
  • we will use special manipulations to various body parts that include limbs and neck


The evaluation process will also include radiographs.  Radiographs (x-rays) can provide the answers we need to confirm a diagnosis, assess the extent of the injury, and determine the proper treatment.  At times, sedation or anesthesia is necessary to ensure the comfort of your pet.
We would be happy to discuss your pets screening with you.  Please contact Banks Animal Hospital at (416) 461-7575


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