A wide variety of hormonal disorders can affect dogs and cats. Examples include diabetes, hypothyroidism, Cushings disease, Addisons disease, and hyperthyroidism.

Testing available to assist in determining illness:

Blood Testing

Blood samples are used to check the general over-all health of your pet as well as to rule out specific hormonal disorders.


Electrocardiogram or ECG is an electrical tracing of the heart used to determine the health and activity of the cardiovascular system. Characteristic changes in ECG tracings often indicate specific hormonal disorders.


Analysis of a urine sample is required in conjunction with blood testing. A high blood glucose might indicate the disease of diabetes for example, or a low urine specific gravity might lead one to believe an animal has Cushings disease.

Hormone Level Determination

Blood tests to determine the levels of hormones in the serum are used to rule in or out hormonal disorders.


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