Do You Have Pet Insurance?


We hope you never face this scenario — your family pet gets sick or in an accident and suddenly you have to rush to your veterinarian for care. The good news is that veterinary care has come a long way in recent years. The bad news is that the cost has risen with the new diagnostic tools, drugs and treatment options now available. There are over 14 million cats and dogs, all of which will get sick or hurt at some point in their lives. But despite the advances in veterinary care and the rising cost of treatment, fewer than 140,000 are covered by pet health insurance.

Some pet parents prefer the strategy of putting money aside each month in case their pet unexpectedly becomes ill.  Though this is an option, and even when there is a substantial amount saved, what is the likelihood it will remain untouched if your car breaks down or you have other big expenses?  It’s not unusual for a dog that has swallowed a stuffed toy and needs surgery to remove it to spend $3500-$5000 for surgery and after-care.  With insurance, the cost to the owner would only be around $500.

Pet insurance is generally about $15 per week, but given the cost of veterinary care, it is a good investment. 


Not all insurance policies are created equal, so be sure to speak to a selection of them to find a policy that works best for your budget and your pet.



We won’t impose limits or caps on your coverage. Whether it’s $100 or $100,000, we’ll pay 90% of your bill.


Pets Plus Us

Designed by Canadian pet owners and veterinarians, our pet insurance coverage allows you to choose the protection that best suits your pet’s breed and their lifestyle. Get a free quote for Dog Insurance or Cat Insurance, and save when you enroll three or more pets.



The freedom to build a policy from scratch. The recommendation of pet parents and veterinarians worldwide.


Pet Secure

Petsecure pet health insurance is not merely an insurance company; we’re pet health insurance specialists. We’re a unique organization because helping to provide care for Canadian pets is much more than just a business to us — it’s our passion.



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